1st HBG Live Streamed Tournament by HTB & Synack Red Team

6 May 2021

Imagine gathering the best players on Hack The Box HOF and Hacking Battlegrounds Tournaments, putting them all in a hacking battle, and livestream this for everyone. Sounds awesome, right?

Well, save the date! The first Hacking Battlegrounds live-streamed tournament by Hack The Box & Synack Red Team will take place on Saturday 15th of May, at 12 PM UTC. Clear your agenda and get ready for 3 hours of non-stop battles.

We said it, hacking is the new gaming! For our first streamed event, we decided to organize an invite-only tournament to showcase their hacking awesomeness! We gathered 16 elite players for an epic 2 vs 2 Cyber Mayhem match.

Let’s get started with real competition vibes. The opponents during Round 1 will be decided with a live draw by r0adrunn3r before the start of the event. Join our Twitch at 11:45 PM UTC! 

Round 1
The 8 teams will face a qualification round to determine the best 4 teams going to the semi-finals. Two new machines in 30 minutes will be the target.

Round 2
During the semi-finals, only 2 teams will be promoted to the Grand Final! Two new machines again in 30 minutes. 

Round 3 - The Grand Final 
2 teams, 4 machines, 30 minutes only, 1 Ultimate Team of Champions. This will be intense! 

The tournament will be live-streamed on Twitch, hosted and commented on by the awesome IppSec and John Hammond. Are you excited to hear what these world-famous hackers have to say about the techniques used during the games? It will be fun! 

What’s missing? Amazing prizes for the players! The prize list, powered by Synack and Hack The Box, is simply fantastic, for a total worth of $7,566. The 16 players, forming in total 8 teams, will test their skills in three different rounds, qualifying to the semi-final, and lastly to the final, with different rewards for every stage.

Final Prizes

  • 1st team: $2,000 both
  • 2nd team: $1,000 both

Semi-Final Prizes

  • 1st team - $250 Razer* Gift Card + 3 Months Pro Lab subscription each
  • 2nd team - $250 Razer Gift Card + 3 Months Pro Lab subscription each
  • 3rd team - $250 Razer Gift Card + 3 Months Pro Lab subscription each
  • 4th team - $250 Razer Gift Card + 3 Months Pro Lab subscription each

All players will also receive a £25 Swag Card. 

*If someone's country does not support delivery from Razer we will replace the Razer Gift Card with an Amazon Gift Card! Find delivery restrictions here.

Not only prizes! The Top 8 players (Top 4 teams) will have the chance to quickly join the Synack Red Team by bypassing the waitlist. The SRT, made up of 1,500 of the world’s best ethical hackers, has been protecting organizations and governments around the world since 2013. Each has been tested for cybersecurity skills, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

Can you handle the thrill? Add the event to your Calendar and don’t miss the special giveaway for all the viewers attending the live stream!

  • Join our Discord and look for the #hbgt-battle-talks channel.
  • Leave your questions on Discord or on the Twitch live chat.
  • The best questions will be picked by r0adrunn3r, our Community Manager, and sent directly to the streamers!

At the end of the event, 10 lucky winners will get a monthly VIP+ subscription!

Streamed tournaments will provide an even more intense gaming experience, both for players and the audience. Next level of hacking esports… we are coming!

“The HBG Cyber Mayhem along with its gamified approach provides a fun way of doing attack and defense. It is highly recommended to try it out. Not only you will gain additional attacking skills and be able to legally experiment on different attack vectors against a live opponent but also learn how to patch and defend machines from those attacks.”
- ameer, Guru HTB Rank

Do you want to get a taste of what a hacking battlefield looks like? Get some practice!

Happy Hacking!
HTB Team