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Author bio: Kartik Durg (iamroot), Defensive Content Engineer, Hack The Box

Kartik is a cybersecurity professional with a strong passion for adversary simulation and threat analysis, boasting over six years of experience. Beginning as a blue teamer, he honed his defensive security skills before transitioning into offensive security, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the cybersecurity landscape.

Throughout his career in offensive security, Kartik has conducted successful penetration tests and devoted significant efforts to simulate threat actors like Fin7/Carbanak, Wizard Spider, Sandworm, and Turla. Through these simulations, he has actively contributed to enhancing cybersecurity defenses and fortifying organizations against real-world threats.

Joining Hack The Box as a Defensive Content Engineer in early 2023, Kartik is dedicated to creating tailored blue team content that meets the specific needs of the broader blue team community.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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