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Dedicated Labs Spaces: Streamline security and business operations in a few clicks

Create customized Spaces within your lab, organize your team, and focus on targeted skill development or assessments.

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Apr 01

Managing diverse skill levels and needing tailored guidance has been an ongoing challenge for cybersecurity teams. 

How can organizations customize training to support the expertise of each team member while staying ahead of current and emerging threats? 

Recognizing the critical role of managers and technical leaders in orchestrating effective cyber performance strategies, we’ve introduced Dedicated Lab Spaces — a new feature to empower them in aligning individual needs with organizational goals with maximum ease and efficiency.

What are Spaces?

Dedicated Labs Spaces offer a structured approach to organizing team members and scenarios (Machines, Challenges, and Sherlocks) in specific subsets within HTB Enterprise Platform.

With Spaces, we aim to facilitate tailored learning experiences and efficient management within cybersecurity teams. From beginners to seasoned professionals, all members can engage with content appropriate to their skill level or area of interest.

Spaces offer flexibility to develop skill-focused training by selecting from over 1,000 hands-on offensive and defensive labs. Lab managers can map practice plans around categorized content based on multiple CVEs, technologies, and techniques.

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Efficient cyber workforce development

With this release, we are going beyond simple team management and segmentation.

Teams can use Spaces to improve managerial overview on security and security-adjacent operations by simplifying and streamlining practices such as talent onboarding, candidate assessment, benchmarking, and more.

Benchmarking and skill gap analysis

Teams can use Spaces to benchmark and analyze skill gaps against industry standards, optimizing resource allocation and incident response preparedness.

This can be achieved by creating Spaces to test specific skill sets, and taking selected members through a set of hands-on exercises. 

Technical leaders can now map out practice plans aligned with company goals and monitor team performance on a weekly and monthly basis. 

By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, companies can adapt to evolving threats, meet compliance requirements, and demonstrate due diligence to stakeholders, ultimately building a skilled and resilient cybersecurity workforce. 

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Improved technical onboarding

As seasoned employees continue to practice with specialized and advanced industry threats, Spaces can be utilized to streamline the technical onboarding of new employees. 

Technical onboarding and talent development gaps often result in teams struggling to acquire skills quickly. This is due to the absence of structured, hands-on learning and practice.

Using Spaces, employees can gain practical exposure to real-world threats and incidents through selected simulated scenarios during their onboarding period. This helps increase the rates of employee and skill retention while reducing the time for companies to onboard.

📚 Here’s an example of how Easi utilized Professional Labs to decrease onboarding times by 40%.


Recruitment and candidate assessment

Spaces are not limited to internal members. By adding guest users, technical leaders and hiring managers can organize candidate assessments as part of the recruitment process.

During the talent mapping stage, it is important to effectively map skills and capabilities, and offer practical simulations for candidates. This can uncover blind spots and promote a culture of continuous learning and practice, ultimately addressing evolving challenges in candidate assessment.

Candidate evaluation through Spaces can also shorten the hiring process and noticeably reduce the time or resources allocated to create assessments by choosing between 1,000+ practical labs.

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Spaces within your classroom

Academic institutions can now use Spaces to organize their curriculum according to students' needs.

Spaces facilitate the immediate real-world application of theoretical concepts taught in the classroom. Unlimited creation of Spaces allows professors to cater various class topics or specializations (e.g., forensics, network security) to different student skill levels and learning paces. 

Professors can also assess student abilities and knowledge retention by assigning different exercise Spaces to students. Through this approach, academic institutions can maximize student engagement in the classroom and equip students with a wide array of job-ready skills.

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Bridge the space between theory and practice

Did you know you can access Spaces also on Academy for Business?

With the addition of Spaces to the Dedicated Labs offering, organizations can collectively organize learning and practice to offer clear development paths.

Hack The Box effective tagging system makes machine selection a straightforward process, allowing our team to find what they need easily. 


In turn, this allows them to focus on the topics and areas of highest importance rather than dedicating time and effort on content they’re already familiar with. 


Since we started using Hack The Box Dedicated Labs, the team has developed a greater understanding of security best practices and a desire to keep up to date on these trends. 


Conrad Laus, Security Team Lead @ RS2

Start creating Spaces

Want to start creating dedicated environments for your team? Unlimited Spaces are available on plans for businesses and organizations (including academic institutions). Log in to HTB Enterprise Platform and get started.

If your organization doesn't have access to the HTB Enterprise Platform, book a call with our team to get started.

  • Risk mitigation: Timely content offers training on the latest CVEs in real-world environments, reducing risk and exposure to these vulnerabilities.

  • Employee retention: Cybersecurity teams that are offered upskilling opportunities are far more engaged and less likely to burn out.

  • Performance benchmarking: Conduct CTFs and gap analysis to identify weaknesses in your security posture.

  • Tailored training to industry standards: HTB content is mapped to MITRE ATT&CK and NIST NICE frameworks so you can assess your cyber preparedness in different areas.

  • Boost organizational awareness: HTB can assess cyber readiness and performance company-wide with effective practices like tabletop exercises (TTXs) or nearly practical assessments designed for security staff and non-technical teams.



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