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How CPTS empowers job-ready penetration testing skills in cybersecurity teams

CPTS is the comprehensive and hands-on certification for professionals and teams looking to remediate their organization’s vulnerabilities and professionally report findings.

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Sep 29

Technology is evolving at an extraordinary rate and so are the tactics used by cyber criminals trying to take advantage of it. As your organization searches for solutions to secure your infrastructure and data, look no further than the Hack The Box Certified Penetration Testing Specialist (CPTS) certification.

In the world of tech and cybersecurity, certifications hold several benefits, not just to your team, but to your customers and stakeholders as well. For your team, certifications help ensure they’re knowledgeable of the most current trends, methods, and technologies used by adversaries. For your customers and stakeholders, it shows your commitment to strengthening your defenses and protecting their data.

Before you take the leap to certify your team, it’s important to determine which certification is best suited for your needs. This can often be a difficult choice and a lengthy process as you evaluate the multitude of options available, but we’re here to help make things a little easier by giving you the inside scoop on CPTS.

The CPTS is the most comprehensive and hands-on certification available to cybersecurity professionals, focusing on all aspects of penetration testing and professionally communicating findings. After completing the job-role path and certification exam, students will be able to immediately and actionably help organizations remediate vulnerabilities with the knowledge and skills acquired through training designed to replicate what they’d experience while on the job. This is done in a variety of ways, but primarily through material that is:

Real-world focused

You can’t defend against adversaries if you don’t know what you’re up against. This is why we’ve combined theory and practice by aligning course material with labs designed to replicate a real-world infrastructure. Featuring nine simulated penetration tests and 270+ targets to hack, CPTS allows your team to learn techniques, tactics, and procedures used by real cyber criminals while reinforcing holistic security practices to better protect your business and your customers. After completing CPTS, certificate holders will possess technical competency in the ethical hacking and penetration testing domains at an intermediate level.

Aligned with the threat landscape

Instead of focusing on theoretical learning and multiple choice tests, we believe in effective, hands-on training where you learn by doing in a realistic environment. As a result, CPTS features labs that cover everything from penetration testing processes and methodologies to reconnaissance techniques and vulnerability assessments, ensuring your team is able to develop the skills needed to proactively mitigate risks instead of putting out fires. In addition, students will be asked to conduct actual web, external, and internal penetration testing activities against a real-world Active Directory network.


Keeping up with the security and technology landscape can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. CPTS has been built around the needs of the market and includes a portfolio of cybersecurity content that has been aligned with job role requirements, ensuring students can immediately apply what they’ve learned to the roles they have or want. This includes how to think outside the box while engaging in a penetration test, how to chain multiple vulnerabilities to showcase maximum impact, and how to help organizations remediate vulnerabilities through commercial-grade pentesting reports. 

Easily accessible

We’ve helped train hundreds of teams of all sizes, experience levels, and industries. Along the way, we’ve seen first-hand the importance of creating a platform that can be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of every individual user, whether they’re studying at home or working through practical exercises with their colleagues. As a result, all CPTS course material, labs, and hands-on exercises can be accessed via an internet browser, eliminating the need for external infrastructure or tool requirements. This allows teams of all sizes to be flexible in their studies as they have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and hack without limits.

With Hack The Box, you no longer have to worry about helping your team find the balance between day-to-day responsibilities and training to fortify against adversarial operations on your network. 

Take your team to the next level with HTB’s breakthrough Certified Penetration Specialist certification, virtual penetration testing labs, guided skills development platform, and gamified hacking challenges designed with your organization’s success in mind.

To learn more about how HTB Business can help your organization and team, visit the HTB business page.


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