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4 ways to implement a cybersecurity workforce development plan with HTB

Having a hard time setting up the perfect schedule for your team? These business-exclusive features make it easier than ever.

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Nov 21

Managers and technical leaders often encounter the problem of planning (and delivering) a skills development program that aligns with their business goals. The problem with traditional cybersecurity training—and why it is failing—lies in the lack of collaboration, personalization, and calibration to the industry job roles or latest trends. 

At Hack The Box, we challenge and rethink the approach to skills development with Enterprise Platform: a dedicated business environment for teams and leaders who take cybersecurity seriously.  

Our platform features are designed to serve the fabric of an organization and enable managers to identify practical learning outcomes for every activity. In the case of Toyota, a buddy system and “CTF Fridays” led to a massive knowledge improvement within 11 months thanks to continuous practice and assessments. Here is your not-so-secret way to develop and engage your cyber workforce with HTB!

Content search based on MITRE terminology

Organizations have the need to develop threat models, evaluate security tool efficacy, develop detection strategies, and prioritize security investments. For this reason, we carefully mapped our courses and labs to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Managers using the HTB Enterprise Platform can easily search courses using MITRE terminology and assign them based on the techniques and tactics relevant to their teams.