More than hacking.
Better than video games.

Enter HTB Seasons: the new frontier of gamified hacking that allows
you to compete against other hackers and win prizes!

13 Weeks
13 Machines

It is time to join the competitive side of Hack The Box. HTB
Seasons is a
time-limited game mode that keeps players engaged
and introduces new
content, theme, and hacking techniques.


Play for free, earn rewards

Unlock Season-themed swag and other rewards (including gift cards and Academy Cubes) as you progress through the Tiers.
Free forever, no subscription required.


One seasonal Machine is released every
week. Connect and exploit it!


Earn points by completing weekly Machines
and climb the Seasonal leaderboard.


What will your final rank be? Loot your
rewards when the Season ends.

Rules of the game

How do HTB Seasons work?

At the end of each season, your Points and Tier will determine your rewards.
You can win more than $300 in HTB gift cards, swag, and more every season!

Seasonal Points

Points will decide your place in the
Leaderboard! To earn points, complete
weekly Machines faster than others.

Seasonal Tiers

Tiers will tell your current standing in the
HTB Season ranking and it is based on
the total flag you pwn.

Seasonal Prizes

Points & Tiers will determine your prize
at the end of each Season. Will you make
it to the big rewards?

Join 2.8m hackers

Play every week! At the end of every Season, Points and Tiers are rest
and new one begins. Are you ready to join the competition?

Seasonal FAQ

Seasons are a competitive environment for hackers around the world to compete to be atop the scoreboard. At the same time, newer players will have a chance to compete against themselves by claiming flags and climbing the tiers.
For the most part, no changes. The most recent 20 releases will still be active Machines, contributing points towards the old Hall of Fame and Hacker ranking. Solving a Machine during its “Season Week” will give points for both the Season and in the old Hall of Fame. Once a Machine finishes its “Season Week” in the Season, it will go to the active Machines tab on Hack The Box. As usual, there will be 20 active Machines (the one active for the season plus 19 more), with one retiring each week.
HTB Seasons are available to all users, hence you will just need to login to your HTB account and check out the Season section at the left of your dashboard. Spawn your Machine and you successfully entered the Season!
You’ll be able to play the Machine as an active Machine, but to get points for the Season, you’ll have to submit the flag via the HTB Season section.
A VIP subscription is not required. Release Arena provides players with their own instances of Machines on Saturday through Wednesday after release. This will now be available to all players (even free accounts) through the HTB Seasons interface. Seasonal Machines will still be available in free and VIP shared labs, and via VIP+ individual instances as well.