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The complete list of Q1 2024 releases and updates on HTB Enterprise Platform

Harnessing all feedback from our 2.7 million community of cybersecurity professionals, we are excited to share with you the new Hack The Box updates released over the past 3 months.

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Apr 23

In this post, we’ll share updates about the HTB Enterprise Platform, our all-in-one cloud-based platform that allows businesses to develop and measure all aspects of their team's cyber performance.

You’ll learn what’s new in our product offerings—Academy for Business, Dedicated Labs, Professional Labs, and Capture the Flag events—to make the most out of our single, intuitive Enterprise Platform. These powerful updates will streamline cybersecurity upskilling, helping you measure and report your team’s results. 

Watch our latest video for a full walkthrough of new product highlights!

General improvements across the platform

Enhanced content categorization for reporting and skills progression

enhanced content categorization

Enhanced content categorization empowers managers to align relevant skills with their cybersecurity development plan to meet security and business objectives. 

By utilizing skill tags, managers can seamlessly assign tailored content and assess team upskilling progress, resulting in more streamlined content management and improved reporting for measuring cybersecurity performance. 

Skill tags focus on specific areas of interest, technologies, vulnerabilities, and operating systems. This helps manage content and candidates more efficiently, ensuring that skills align with organizational goals. 

User activity monitoring for Module sections 

Managers can now provide assistance or access specific information within their team’s assigned Modules. By simply clicking on the team's activity updates in the “Activity” tab of the Academy for Business lab, managers can swiftly navigate to specific sections, ensuring efficient guidance and oversight.

In the example below, as a technical manager, you are monitoring how new team members are onboarding. Thanks to the activity monitoring feature, you can now see whether a member has completed The Triaging Process Module.