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Detect hard-to-find vulnerabilities with the new HTB CWEE

Use white box and black box techniques to professionally conduct web penetration tests against modern, highly secure web applications.

b3rt0ll0 Dimitris, Feb 21,

We are thrilled to announce a new milestone for the community and introduce our first certification covering specialized security job roles: HTB Certified Web Exploitation Expert (HTB CWEE). 

After successfully covering the core job roles within the industry, Hack The Box Academy is ready to become the go-to resource for any security enthusiast or professional. HTB CWEE aims to elevate the practical knowledge acquired, setting new standards on how individuals and organizations conduct advanced penetration tests against highly secure web applications.

“Living in the EDR era where corporate internal networks are tightly monitored, threat actors have shifted their focus towards targeting internet-exposed company assets such as web applications and APIs. In response to this evolving threat landscape, the Senior Web Penetration Tester job-role path and the HTB CWEE certification provide a comprehensive approach to web penetration testing training from both white box and black box perspectives. We aim to enhance the credibility and career prospects of cyber professionals, ensuring they are adept at safeguarding organizations against the increasing threat of web-based attacks in today's security landscape.”

Dimitris Bougioukas, Training Director @ Hack The Box

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