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Are you a CISO, Security Manager or Recruiter looking to grow your team?
Here’s how simple it can be to recruit your next cybersecurity hire.

Ideal candidates await

Our community is a massive global talent pool. Professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world are looking for their next job in the information security industry through our platform. Spot them first and help them grow by becoming part of your team.


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Industry Brand Awareness

Industry brand awareness

Gain exposure and brand awareness among a community of 2.8m security enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds.

Breeze through the hiring process

Hiring your next security professional couldn’t be easier. Keep track of who’s progressing through each stage of the interview process and know who’s doing what.

Target hiring on skills, cut out the noise

When looking for technical, hands-on roles like penetration testers, security specialists, SOC engineers, incident response analysts, or network consultants, you need to evaluate skills quickly and accurately. Our platform helps you do exactly that.

Hands-On Penetration Testing

How Talent Search Works

Tap into our global talent pool of cybersecurity professionals
and find your team’s next star. Here’s how:

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Company Mini-Page

Amplify your brand awareness

Complete your company’s page inside Hack The Box - including a link to your website, logo, and company description. This will be where our members will be able to find all your active job openings.

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Enhance Your Red Team Skills

Let the world know you’re hiring

Post job openings that the entire member-base of Hack The Box will be able to see. Each job opening that you post can be set to target a minimum candidate level based on their rank on Hack The Box.

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Explore Real-World In Action

Find your ideal cybersecurity talent

Discover HTB members that are actively looking for a job and reach out to them directly. Talent Search lets you filter by rank and country to help you target only the members that best fit your role requirements.

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Go Hands-On And Self-Paced

Add your own hacking challenge

Submit your own branded vulnerable VM containing multiple flags for the members to practice on and for you to evaluate their skills. When completed, members are rewarded with a badge stating your acknowledgment.

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Know exactly where you are
in the hiring process.

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Live, Direct Messaging
with Candidates

Direct contact for faster
candidate progression.

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Companies find top talent. Cybersecurity professionals find dream jobs.
This is a perfect match!

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Talent Search FAQ

As many as you want. There is no limitation on how many job ads a company can publish.
Once a candidate applies for a job opening both the candidate and the company should unlock their vault. This will allow them to exchange sensitive information in a secure and managed manner.
Sure! The best way to do so is our fully customizable Assessment Labs. Just let our team know about the exact skills you are looking for and we will develop an assessment environment according to your needs.

Operation Shield Wall: Defending Veloria's digital frontier with real-world cybersecurity tactics

Learn how your team can gain hands-on experience in assessing response capabilities and honing skills to navigate contemporary cyber complexities, ensuring effective handling of real-time breaches with Operation Shield Wall. Register now for this exclusive session!

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