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InfoSec Careers FAQs

You can browse throughout the open jobs, either in the Job Board using multiple criteria (rank, time posted) or the Companies Board. Both options are available under the Careers tab of the platform. After that, you simply express your interest in the job and you are done! If the company is interested in your profile, they will reach out to you.
When you decide to apply for a job, recruiters are receiving the application and they can see your public profile on HTB as well as the Private Date that you have securely stored in your secret vault. For more info. please check your profile settings/private information.
Yes, the Careers service is provided to all of our members: Free, VIP, VIP+
All you need to do is to enable the “Available for Hire” option, under the Careers section. Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend having that option enabled, in order to be up-to-date with great opportunities from some of the best companies worldwide.
No. In order to preserve your privacy, we don’t allow recruiters and companies to reach out to you, unless you have enabled the option “Available for Hire” in the Careers section. Only users who have opted-in for this service will be available and eligible for hiring.