23 Oct 2019

Hello All, 

We are excited to announce our support to (ISC)2 and becoming an official (ISC)2 CPE Submitter. 

This partnership is in line with our education strategy and we believe that it will greatly benefit our community to demonstrate, prove and enhance their (ISC)2 certifications through their engagement and practice on Hack The Box. 

CPE Credits submission will be available to our VIP members. Our VIP members can obtain credits, by completing Hack The Box Machines, Challenges, Endgames and Pro Labs. In order to start tracking your activity and automatically get your credits, you need to enable this option through your account settings. 

The CPE credits allocation will be done in accordance with the following:

Active Machines

Easy (2), Medium (4), Hard (6), Insane (8)

Retired Machines

Easy (1), Medium (2), Hard (3), Insane (4)


Easy (1), Medium (2), Hard (3), Insane (4)


100% Completion (10)

Pro Labs

25% Completion (12), 50% Completion (12), 75% Completion (12), 100% Completion (12)

*CPE allocation update for Pro Labs since October 2020, due to changes/restrictions in the way CPEs from (ISC)2 are logged.

25% Completion (10), 50% Completion (10), 75% Completion (10), 100% Completion (10)