Hacking Battlegrounds Are Live!

16 Oct 2020

The day has arrived! Are you ready to experience the ULTIMATE hacking thrill?

As our Product Manager said, “Great things happen when a team combines hard work, creativity, and determination!”

After many months of hard work from our entire team to ensure we can deliver the best possible player and hacking experience, we are proud to announce Hacking Battlegrounds (aka HBG) are finally here!

An epic new way of competing, learning, hacking, and playing Hack The Box!

What Are Hacking Battlegrounds?

Intense, real-time multiplayer hacking games in the form of timed 4 vs 4 battles. You can join the HBG Lobby, invite friends, choose a Game Mode (currently one available), form a team, and throw yourself along with your teammates to the hacking battlefield!

Game Mode Now Available

Game Mode Coming Soon

Features Now Available

  • Teams: 4 vs 4 (you can join as an individual and the system will find you a match)

  • Invite Friends 

  • Timed Battles (up to 1 hour)

  • Machines Created by HTB (only for HBG)

  • Availability Points & Penalties (for Attack/Defense Game Mode)

  • Public & Team Chat

  • Battle Log

  • Music & Sound Effects

How To Play HBG

Do you have questions about how to play? Don’t worry, we have prepared a thorough and hopefully helpful guided article in our Knowledge Base on how to get started with Hacking Battlegrounds. Enjoy the HBG tour! 

Who Has Early Beta Access

We are now in the Early Beta Access mode. For the time being, access to HBG is granted to all VIP and VIP+ players with 10 free games/battles. This is, of course, only the first phase of the roll-out so please be patient and send us your feedback on our HBG Discord Channel. Phase B will be revealed soon.

What Is Coming Next

Full Hacking Battlegrounds roll-out, one more Game Mode: “Server Siege” King Of The Hill, more features like Solo/Team Rankings and Player Matching, live streaming, and much more! Hacking is the new gaming! 

Can you handle the thrill?

Hack The Box Team


January 2021 Update: 

Free monthly battles are now available on Hacking Battlegrounds!

2 battles/month for Free Users

battles/month for VIP Users

10 battles/month for VIP+ Users

The battles are going to be automatically renewed at the beginning of each month (1st day of the month) and they cannot be accumulated or transferred. So, do not spare them… time to PLAY HARD!