Hack The Box Take It Easy Dare

1 Jul 2021

July just started and it is already a special month! Why?

From today, July 1st, for all the duration of the month, until July 31st, we invite you to Take It Easy Dare

8 iconic HTB retired easy machines will be free-to-play for everyone for the entire month of July. The selected machines have been picked by 0xdf and IppSec based on community rating, beginner-friendly content, skills learned, and their personal enjoyment, in order to help every user that is just moving the first steps in Hack The Box.

During this month, all users will be able to access for free the following content:

How to find them? Check the “Easy Month” tag in the Retired Machines section. If your rank is Hacker or below, you will find them directly in the “Recommended” tab on the homepage.

This initiative will introduce beginners to a great pool of free learning material, useful to train on some basic principles of Linux and Windows hacking techniques including enumeration, web application, and privilege escalation while getting started with classic Hack The Box content and access just some of the additional content reserved for VIP and VIP+ users.

Playing retired machines not only can allow players to train on new scenarios and techniques, but it also gives access to the official Hack The Box write-ups. More than 90% of our users stated that access to the official write-ups and walkthroughs was one of the most important factors to level up their training experience.

This is awesome, right? And that is not all.

Our Take It Easy Dare is not a competition but an open invitation to learn and practice specific content in a limited amount of time. We want to reward the hackers who will take this opportunity and reward them: by completing all 8 machines, users will get the chance to win 1 annual VIP+ subscription

3 random users with the above criteria will be picked with a draw on August 1st. Users who have already completed the entire machine set will also be eligible for this. 

Ready to skyrocket your hacking experience?

Happy Hacking!
HTB Team