New Beginner Pro Lab: Dante

10 Aug 2020

Dear Community,

We are very excited to announce the release of our brand new Dante Pro Lab, the 4th Pro Lab to join the family!

Hack The Box Pro Labs - New Scenario Dante

Dante was developed in cooperation with our Content Delivery Manager @egotisticalSW, a long-standing Hack The Box member and moderator. This new Pro Lab provides the opportunity to learn common penetration testing methodologies and gain familiarity with tools included in the Parrot OS Linux distribution. If you want to gain experience with network penetration testing in a realistic environment, Dante has you covered!

What is Dante about?

Dante LLC has enlisted your services to audit its network. The company has not undergone a comprehensive penetration test in the past, and wants to reduce its technical debt. The team is concerned that any actual breach could lead to a loss of earnings and reputation damage. Upon breaching the perimeter, you are required to explore the network, moving laterally and vertically, until you gain administrative control over all hosts and reach domain admin.

What you will learn?

Dante Pro Lab is a captivating environment that features both Linux and Windows Operating Systems. You will level up your skills in information gathering and situational awareness, be able to exploit Windows and Linux buffer overflows, gain familiarity with the Metasploit Framework, and much more! Completion of this lab will demonstrate your skills in network penetration testing.

This Penetration Tester Level I lab will expose players to:

  • Enumeration
  • Exploit Development
  • Lateral Movement
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Web Application Attacks

14 Machines and 26 Flags! Take up the challenge and go get them all!

Hack The Box announces new Pro Lab for beginners, Dante!

How to start Dante?

Dante Pro Lab will be provided to all HTB members on a subscription-based model (similar to all the other existing Pro Labs: Cybernetics, Offshore, RastaLabs) available on a monthly and annual subscription, with an initial setup fee. Frequent content updates ensure the Pro Lab stays engaging and up-to-date, while at the end of the Pro Lab - upon successful completion - a Certificate of Completion awaits. For more info look for the Dante section inside the HTB platform.

Business customers are also able to use the Dante Pro Lab in a dedicated environment of a Professional Lab. If you want to utilize Dante as part of your cyber security training at work, feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Happy hacking! Happy learning!

Hack The Box Team