Hack The Box In The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies Of 2020

20 Dec 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Hack The Box has been awarded as one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2020 by The Software Report.

In a year during which we all went remote and the office suddenly shifted into a home environment, cybersecurity continued to be the main concern among businesses and organizations. Given that, this recognition counts double for us!

With more than 18 million hours of playtime, this is great proof of our mission to create a safer cyber world. Cybersecurity training is becoming fun and accessible to everyone and we couldn’t be more proud.  

Looking back, 2020 was totally a ride! We have put it all together for you, in case you missed something.

Apart from the weekly machine and challenge releases, we managed to expand the “HTB Multiverse” with the addition of HTB Academy and Hacking Battlegrounds!

HTB Academy, launched in November 2020, helps you learn cybersecurity in the HTB way: courses for every skill level, interactive and browser-based, combining theory and practice. 23 modules are already available (more to be added soon) and we are proudly counting 90K visitors in just the first 2 months of operation! 

Hacking Battlegrounds, launched in October 2020, are pure evidence of our aspiration to make hacking the new gaming! Intense, real-time multiplayer hacking games in the form of timed 4vs4 and 2vs2 battles. Server Siege, a new “King Of The Hill” game mode, is coming soon in 2021. 

Our community is rapidly growing, counting more than 470K hackers around the world. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of every single community member, customer, and partner. 

Get ready for an awesome 2021! We are already at work to amaze you!

Keep Hacking!
Hack The Box Team


About Hack The Box
Hack The Box is an online cybersecurity training platform, allowing individuals and corporate teams to level up their penetration testing skills through a fully gamified, hands-on, and self-paced learning environment. Over 350 constantly enriched virtual labs, real-world scenarios, CTF-style challenges, all part of a massively growing cybersecurity community of 470,000 security enthusiasts exchanging ideas and methodologies. Companies and organizations utilize the platform to train their teams in the most hands-on and engaging way possible. Cyber training gamified, hack your way in: www.hackthebox.eu

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