Hack The Box Academy

12 Nov 2020

Back in March 2020, we came up with the idea that it was about time to create online courses that offer cybersecurity training the HTB way, so we did it!

Hack The Box Academy Now Live: Learn cyber security like a pro!

Hack The Box Until November 2020

Up until today, Hack The Box has been offering cybersecurity training labs that truly put one’s skills to the test and help obtain the muscle memory that is needed when in front of a cyber attack. Hands-on, practical, self-paced, gamified training that makes learning fun; and we will continue doing that. However, we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to offer curated and cutting-edge cybersecurity training in the form of interactive online courses, from entry-level to experts, from all around the world, requiring nothing more than a web browser. So, we did it! HTB Academy is out! 

Introducing HTB Academy 

Today, we are proudly announcing the Hack The Box Academy, Cyber Security Courses from Entry Level to Expert!

✅  Courses for every skill level

✅  Interactive learning, theoretical and practical 

✅  No workstation needed, just a browser

HTB Academy is an effort to gather everything we have learned over the years, meet our community’s needs and create a “University for Hackers”, where our users can learn step by step the cybersecurity theory and get ready for the training playground of HTB, our labs.

All the way from guided to exploratory learning, learn how to hack and develop the hacking mindset that will enable you to assess and create secure systems.

HTB Academy's goal is to provide a highly interactive and streamlined learning process to allow users to have fun while learning. Students are presented with material in digestible chunks with examples of commands and their output throughout, not just theory. Target hosts are provided so students can reproduce the materials presented in each section for themselves, hands-on exercises that serve as "checkpoints", and skills assessments to test their understanding.

Are you ready to hack your brain?

Who Is HTB Academy For 

Anyone who wants to learn the theory of the cybersecurity spectrum. From the absolute fundamentals to the most advanced, hardcore modules, we’ve got you covered.

If you are an absolute beginner, interested in cybersecurity, you need to learn the basics. You are most definitely looking for a hacking guide with all the tools, techniques, and exact topics you need to know to become a successful cybersecurity professional. 

If you are already an infosec professional, an expert in your field, there is always a new vulnerability, exploit, attack method, tool, or methodology. Want to take your cybersecurity career to the next level? Look no further.


Cybersecurity training content showcased in the most simple and fun way, with exercises for every topic you want to train on. All you need is a browser since you can access everything through your own HTB Hacking VM, Pwnbox. However, if you want your old, faithful hacking workstation, download the VPN Key and unleash your inner hacker. 

Paths, Modules, Tiers, Difficulty, and more…

Academy Structure: The key component of the learning process in the Academy is the Module. Modules are designed to serve as standalone courses with all of the knowledge needed to complete the hands-on exercises and skills assessments taught. Modules are broken down into Sections which are the "meat" of the Modules and contain the subject matter being taught, relevant command output, and hands-on exercises. Paths are sets of Modules that, combined, make up a broader topic. Paths can be large "zero-to-hero" ones or smaller and more specialized ones, targeting a specific set of topics. You can view what each Path is about by expanding the Modules it contains.

> Paths
> Modules
> Sections
> Fundamental
> Easy
> Medium
> Hard
> Offensive 
> Defensive
> General 
> Tier 0 
[Cost: 10 cubes, Reward: 10 cubes]
> Tier I 
[Cost: 50 cubes, Reward: 10 cubes]
> Tier II 
[Cost: 100 cubes, Reward: 20 cubes]
> Tier III 
[Cost: 500 cubes, Reward: 100 cubes]
> Tier IV 
[Cost: 1000 cubes, Reward: 200 cubes]

Choose the course that best fits your level! This first release contains 17 Modules, but stay tuned.

What Is Coming Next

This is only the first release of the HTB Academy, more content and amazing features will be rolling out with the next releases, so stay tuned! More hacking training, more Modules, and Paths, from Red, Teaming to Blue Teaming, covering 360° all skill levels of the cybersecurity world! 

How To Get Started With HTB Academy

It all starts here: academy.hackthebox.eu
Create a free account (it’s a new account, separate login) and start exploring! Your account has 30 free cubes as a welcome gift. We suggest this as your 1st Module: Intro to Academy, a tutorial module covering the HTB Academy as a platform and how to use it to train yourself (requires 10 cubes but gives them back as a reward after successful completion).

It’s a wrap! We will leave the rest for you to explore. We really hope you enjoy learning cybersecurity through HTB Academy.

Study, study, study! Make yourself ready for HTB Labs!

Happy Learning, Happy Hacking!
Hack The Box Team