Hack The Box Presents Synack Red Team Track

2 Oct 2020

We are very excited to announce some joint ventures we have been working on lately along with the Synack Red Team.

In September 2020, we supported the Synack #TeamAmerica Defenders CTF Warm-Up. The CTF, powered by Hack The Box and our CTF Platform, took place from September 25th to September 27th and it was the perfect warm-up event to get ahead of the competition and get qualified to join the final CTF on October 23rd.

Hack The Box & Synack Red Team: Team America Defenders CTF Warm-Up

Today, we are announcing something new. A great way to fast-track your application to join SRT through Hack The Box, the Synack Red Team Track!

Why join: With both methods, Offshore completion and Synack Track completion, all HTB users will immediately bypass the SRT Waitlist for immediate consideration to join the Synack Red Team via the organization’s normal application process.

Who can join: Open to all with US candidates due to increased demand from Synack's customers. Non-US candidates will be evaluated on a case by case basis for eligibility of bypassing the SRT Waitlist.

Here is how:

Method A: Offshore

From October 1st 2020 until December 31st 2020, all Hack The Box players that successfully complete (100%) Offshore Pro Lab [Penetration Tester Level II] get one step closer to joining the Synack Red Team. All you need to do is complete Offshore within this timeframe and send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Offshore Completed" including your official HTB certificate of completion.

Players that have completed Offshore beforehand and own a certificate of completion provided by Hack The Box are also eligible for this.

Hack The Box & Synack Red Team: Waitlist Bypass with Offshore Pro Lab

Method B: Synack Red Team Track

Have you discovered our newly announced Tracks? If not, let’s cut straight to the chase and explore Hack The Box Tracks on the new platform.

Synack Red Team Track by Hack The Box

One of them is the Synack Track, including 7 HTB Machines and 7 HTB Challenges. Create beautiful exploit chains, master some of the most interesting web vulnerabilities, and prove your prowess in the specially curated Synack Red Team Track. Successful Synack Track completion from October 1st 2020 until December 31st 2020 means SRT application fast-track.

As Ryan Rutan, Director of Community at Synack said "We are very excited about this joint effort with Hack The Box as it will help many up and coming security professionals test their talents as a potential member of the Synack Red Team.

As a valued Hack The Box user, you have had the opportunity to test and improve your cyber security skills using the HTB training platform. Given your track record, we feel you have demonstrated the skills needed on the Synack Red Team to provide crowdsourced security testing.

Synack responsibly grows the SRT proportional to the opportunities that are available to the community. This ensures both an equitable, yet competitive, landscape that strives above all else to be fair and respectful to each SRT such that they can hack, learn and grow as security professionals. Synack leverages an application waitlist to ensure that growth is always strategically aligned in this regard."

Enjoy the hacking journey and good luck with your application!